hand free baby bottle holder

With this basic baby bottle holder, both mum and Dad can take part in feeding their baby anytime.

The baby bottle holder is made from great quality Silica gel. The Bottle holder is hands-free so parents can take their hand off while the little baby is delegated take pleasure in drinking from the bottle.

This bottle holder is appropriate for lots of sizes of bottles and the clip can change quickly according to the size of the bottle it's holding.

The bottle holder for infants can be set up in a stroller to free the hands and make it simple to use.

It assists you in feeding your baby, and it's also extremely helpful & easy to carry anywhere.

hand free baby bottle holder-free shipping

With this simple baby bottle holder, both mum and Dad can take part in feeding their baby anytime.

The baby bottle holder is made of good quality Silica gel. The Bottle holder is hands-free so parents can take their hand off while the little baby is left to enjoy drinking from the bottle.

This bottle holder is suitable for many sizes of bottles and the clip can adjust easily according to the size of the bottle it's holding. 

The bottle holder for babies can be installed in a stroller to free the hands and make it easy to use.

It helps you in feeding your baby, and it's also very handy & easy to carry anywhere.

4×4 Bull Bar Surfers Paradise Qld – 5 Reasons Why Fitting a Bull Bar Might be a Bad Idea

4×4 Bull Bar Surfers Paradise Qld – 5 Reasons Why Fitting a Bull Bar Might be a Bad Idea

New laws are now in effect in parts of Australia that will determine whether or not you're driving around with an illegal car. That may be a the least of your problems. Especially if, what you have mounted in your 4×4 is a 5 pillar bull bar.
Bull bars are a common accessory in many Aussie cars. They are fitted essentially for protection. Regular travellers to the bush will tell you how bull bars have saved their trucks from destruction and themselves from injury when encountering critters while speeding down the outback roads.
Apart from having to adhere to stricter laws come September 2019 when the Exemption period ends, there are 5 reasons why you should think twice before fitting a heavy duty bull bar on your 4×4.

1. How Bull Bars Affect Fuel economy

Some have complained that they noticed a reduction in their motor vehicle's MPG after having bull bars installed. Having a large contraption such as a 5-pillar bull bar on the front of your truck can alter its aerodynamics, so you get more drag. It also restricts airflow to the intercooler. This can affect both performance and fuel economy.

2. Weight

How heavy are bull bars? In this case, some car modifications may be required like a suspension upgrade.

3. Pedestrian safety

No question, bull bars are a useful precaution against wildlife in deserted country roads. In urban streets, they pose great danger to pedestrians, bikers and other road users. Bull bars are created to protect a vehicle from impact when colliding with a large animal, but can cause very serious, even fatal, injuries to individuals when they are hit.

4. Crumple zones Are Effected By Adding a Bull Bar

A motor vehicle has crumple zones located at the front and rear, designed to absorb impact and crumple easily in the event of a crash. With a bull bar installed, your 4×4's collapse zone may no work as effectively and the likelihood of injury is increased.

5. Airbags

An airbag is a very essential safety feature of our car. Manufacturers have put a lot of effort in researching airbags to make sure they inflate properly and at the right time. A bull bar, when fitted in a vehicle, can mess up the car's secondary restraint system, which airbags and maybe cause injury to the car's passengers.
There are many 4x4s with Adaptive Cruise Control that will not work with a bull bar and will also void your insurance.
Whether you are for or against the strict regulation of bull bars get the right advice from a reputable agent of MCC here
 Phone Today to jump the Queue. (07) 3186 5729
Ask for a delivery time by Clicking here : https://carservicebiggerawaters.com/mcc-bull-bars/

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Shipt Shopper Secrets getting better offers first


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As a Shipt Shopper, Are you always getting stuck with the smaller orders? Does it frustrate you to see other Shipt shopper with filled carts, While yours is half empty? Do you put yourself on the schedule, only to find yourself recieving the smaller orders? In this video, Im going to teach you how to get the larger offers first. Simply by making a small change.

Get Started Today With Five (5) Stars Review Management!

Get Noticed Online

Positive Online Reviews – Get Repeat Clients – More Business – More Results.

It was a year ago that I attended my first search engine strategies conference. It was also at this conference that I became a speaker. Search Engine Strategies and PubCon are undoubtedly the two largest SEO/SEM conferences out there today so of course there’s huge attendance and lots of big industry names attending. There’s also a guy there who you may have heard of. His name is Barry Schwartz and he’s from Search Engine Round Table. I bring his name up because he’s found one of the best ways to not only build an ever expanding content base up, but also a way to build quality relevant links. And it’s so simple one begins to wonder why others don’t do it. Before I get into what he’s doing let me give you a little history. He started covering SES a few shows ago and would post summaries of the various seminars he attended at the SearchEngineWatch forum. His posts were some of the most read posts during the conference. He soon also began posting longer summaries at his own site. Also very well read by those of us who couldn’t attend the show. Now he’s become “the” reporter for the SES shows wherever they are. He even went into this one with a plan to cover as many of the sessions as possible, between himself and others known in the SEM industry. Some of the posts end up at the SEW forums but he also posts many on his own site. Step one – there’s that ongoing content development. You see, what the folks at SEO roundtable are doing is creating very long, but very detailed summaries of every seminar they attend. They then post these to their website daily or more often. Each post occupies it’s own static page, and most pages are well linked within the site. Step two – relevant quality links and lots of them Now here’s the great part. It is because of this coverage that people have come to realize that this site is the site to go to for SES coverage. Between this site and the SEW forums you can pretty much get your fill of SES in a very compact version. (Trust me for some of the sessions, a light summary is much better than sitting through 90 minutes of dry explanations of how ranking algorithms work 🙂 ). And because people rely on these summaries of the show that they begin to refer others to them. Either through word of mouth or, more importantly, links. This is where the relevant quality links kick in. What is a link to an SEM site from another SEM site worth? What would you pay to have your competitors link to you with lots of one way links, many from high authority sites? Because of this article, they even have a link from here. Plus they get links from Searchenginewatch, in both the forums and the blog entries, not to mention other high profile industry sites. What’s link from Matt Cutt’s blog with a photo worth to this site? You see, this site is building its online reputation the way everyone needs to – by posting relevant timely information that others want to see. Then the others link to that content in a natural way. Let me put it to you another way – of the over 3,000 links this site has, how many do you suppose are from content? More specifically, how many are due to the site’s summaries of the various SES shows they’ve attended? Links may not be directly to the topics in question. In fact many are not. In fact, if you scan through the top 100 links or so listed in Google you see a virtual who’s who of the SEO industry. Let me point out a few of the more notable links: Links from Yahoo Search Blog, as well as the MSDN MSN search blog. Of course there’s many from Searchenginewatch, but also from other industry sites like searchviews.com, seomoz.com and searchenginejournal.com just to name a few. So what has the site accomplished by attending all the SES shows since late 2003? Well, they’ve built lots of good content which helps relay their authority status to engines like Google. Further, they’ve gotten lots of quality inbound links from high profile related sites that are also considered authorities. Plus they’ve also built a reputation for being the place to go to find out about SES which means increased traffic to the site. Not to mention that they’ve now probably got a well known brand. In other words, if someone doesn’t already know how to find the site, but they know the name of it, a the person will search on an engine like Google looking for the domain name. Even if it’s ranked #7 or 8 for the search term the site will get the click because the searcher is looking for that brand. How’s that for building quality content and links at the same time?

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M-Line Travel, Minibus Hire Ayrshire – South West Scotland Tour By M-Line Travel

Our first blog post -This story begins with an email on a Thursday evening.

A small group from America, on a ship, cruising around the UK had been looking for a local minibus company to take them on a small and personal type tour of the South West of Scotland (they had already done the Loch Lomond tour previously with another tour operator booked by the ship).

At M-Line Travel we refer to the South West of Scotland as “Scotland’s Hidden Gem”.

Two or three emails later we had agreed a price for the 14-seater (10 in the group) for our South West of Scotland Tour. Picking them up from just outside the terminal building at Greenock at 8:30 am. We quickly introduced ourselves to our new best friends and they made themselves comfortable.

We made our way down part of the coast road with some toffees to chew on with views on the right to Arran, you would think we were in a totally different part to the world, blue sky and blue sea, watching the Arran Ferry making its way over the Firth of Clyde. In the distance still some snow visible on the top of Goat Fell (mountain on Arran).

First stop is Dundonald Castle, near Royal Troon very famous for its Golf. Dundonald Castle has a visitor’s centre with their own tour guide (very friendly chap). Within the group there were a few golfers so we made a small diversion to visit Royal Troon and take some pictures. This is the difference between a small personal tour rather than in a 52-seater coach tour.

On to our next stop Dumfries House and Gardens (beautiful at this time of year) purchased by Prince Charles a few years ago. Prince Charles often stays in the house. You can tell by his flag flying on one of the turrets.

As we drove in, we could see from a distance that there was a “Royal in residence”, his flag flying, much to the excitement of the group. It wouldn’t be the first time that Prince Charles has been seen walking in the gardens. We did as a group have a walk around the gardens, but unfortunately, we can’t promise a chat with Prince Charles, (it’s not possible to book this haha). So, waving goodbye to Prince Charles we set off, to our next stop.

Travelling through East Ayrshire and heading to Ayr in South Ayrshire a little village on the outsides with a beautiful quaint harbour is Dunure. Dunure, last year saw the invasion of the film crew from “Outlander” for a scene in season 3. The harbour area of the little Ayrshire village was totally transformed to a set from that era. Dunure harbour is one of those serene and tranquil places. The small fishing boats bobbing up and down, waves gently hitting the stones on the small beach. These are the type of memories to hold on to.

Just along the coast a few miles is “The Eighth Wonder of the World” in Ayrshire terms – The “Electric Brae”.

The Electric Brae is a gravity hill, where a freewheeling vehicle will appear to be drawn uphill by some mysterious attraction. When we arrived at the start, I slowed down to a virtual stop. (Remember we are in a 14-seater minibus with 10 people on board).

The minibus slowly started to go up the hill backwards. (the minibus is in neutral and I am NOT touching any pedals) there was an eerie silence for a few seconds, everyone wondering what’s going on. How can a vehicle go uphill of its own free will?  It’s MAGIC!

From the Electric Brae you can see Culzean Castle and its gardens.

Culzean Castle has a strong link with President Eisenhower. The top-floor apartment was presented to him for his lifetime in recognition of his role during World War II.

You can stay in the impressive Eisenhower Apartment as a paying guest. Culzean Castle can be booked for weddings.

Last year M-line Travel brought some clients from around Ayrshire to an American couples wedding, what a great venue.

You could spend a full day in Culzean Castle but I am sorry we are on a schedule.


Turnberry Rear Entrance

Just a few miles down the road is another Famous American, Trump Turnberry Hotel. One of the best wedding venues in Ayrshire, Fantastic views in a great location. As we make our way up the long drive, we can hear the sound to the Bagpipes.

Around the back at the main entrance next to the large fountain a lone piper playing in some Wedding guests, everyone dressed in Kilts. What a spectacular day to visit. We had a quick walk around, and a visit to the washroom, time to get back on board, nearly lunch time.

Five minutes from Turnberry Hotel is a “wee hidden gem” and is a good bit cheaper than Turnberry Hotel.

Dowhill farm and gift shop is stocked full of home-grown vegetables & locally sourced goods, has a farmhouse Restaurant which features daily specials and hearty home-cooked meals.

The gift shop is a lovely place to have a wander around and pick up a small souvenir of your trip. With all our group happy and content, we jump on the minibus and start our way back.

Next stop is A. D. Rattray’s Whisky Experience, in Kirkoswald.

Located in a beautifully renovated old village school. The guy’s will guide you through your whisky experience, whether you’re a whisky lover or enjoying your first dram. Nose and taste exquisite spirits in the Tasting Room, personalise your own bottle in the Cask Room and explore some the world’s finest single malts in the shop.

If you want a personal tasting this must be pre-booked for your party. Don’t worry you can still have a wee taste in the shop. As you can imagine this was the highlight of the tour for some of our guests. Feeling a bit tipsy back on the bus again.

Making our way back up to Alloway, just south of Ayr to visit the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum to learn about Scotland famous poet and get some pictures on the “Brig “O” Doon.”

Burns mentioned this place in one of his poems Tam “O” Shanter. One of the ladies said, “the museum had far more in it than we expected you could easily spend an hour here, browsing.”

The Last stop off M-Line Travels South West Scotland Tour is Largs.

A traditional, old fashioned Scottish seaside town with fish and chip shops and the Famous Nardinis Ice-cream. We must sample these fine products, not the healthiest, but you can’t be good all the time and you are on holiday.

So, all back on the minibus back up to Greenock. Arriving at the terminal building in good time. I always like to give myself a good hour before the ship is due to depart.

All my passengers loved the more personal type tour and thanked me for a great day. They have been a lovely bunch of people, and that’s why I love my job. Looking forward to the next tour.

For further information contact the office on Tel: 01290 553009 or Mob: 07757 856409 where our helpful and friendly team will be happy to discuss your requirements or you can visit our contact us section on our website or email mlinetravel@mail.com 


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Mad As A March Hare SPECIAL Offers ONLY At Corrie D Marketing

Have you ever read the story of the Tortoise and the Hare?

To summarise – The hare is very confident of winning, so it stops during the race and falls asleep. The tortoise however continues to move very slowly but without stopping and finally it wins the race. The moral lesson of the story is that you can be more successful by doing things slowly and steadily than by acting quickly and carelessly. (Source: Wikipedia)

Anyone who knows us? Will already be aware that here at Team CDM we’re as mad as a March Hare.

So just to make sure we don’t disappoint YOU we’d like to offer you some AMAZING SPECIAL OFFERS for March 2019 to ensure you beat the competition AND WIN the race!

Special OFFER – BOGOF on ad creatives. Buy one set of animated banner ads (mobiles & tablets) get one free (TV’s, Computers, Laptops).

Online advertising offers highly targeted ad campaigns so no wasted ad budget. ONLY targets your ads at your EXACT Target Audience.

You need a way to remain “top of mind” when people are in the market and ready to buy.

You need TOF (Top Of Funnel) new eyeballs and brand awareness, you need to let people (your target audience) whether that’s B2C or B2B data that you exist, what you do, how you can help them, your value proposition..

Once you’ve targeted these fresh new eyeballs and made them an offer they can’t refuse, the aim is they click on your ad to your landing page over on your website. These people are interested but we always recommend you retarget ALL of your website visitors it does not matter where they came from. Press, TV, Radio, Google, Facebook, Online Ads, Search Ads.. ANYWHERE!

Someone who has visited your website is a warmer lead than someone who has never heard of you.

Which is another reason why we offer Retargeting (remarketing) of your online ad campaigns.

Facebook RT (ReTargeting), Google Display, Google AdWords. RTB (Real Time Bidding).

Incidentally according to Forbes 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. (Source: Forbes 3rd February 2017) read more here.

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